Family Wealth Legacy Interview Questionnaire:

The Importance of Values

1. Where did you grow up? Were you a small town or big city child? What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

2. What was your family like when you were growing up? How many children were in your family? Were you the oldest, youngest, middle child?

3. What life lessons did you learn from your family?

4. Who would you consider to be your hero or role model? What about this person would you want to emulate?

5. What do you feel like you’ve had to overcome in your life to be successful? What lessons did you learn in overcoming it?

6. Who is your best friend? How long have you known this person? What family member are you closest to? Why?

7. How would you define “friendship?”

8. Do you consider yourself to be especially health conscious? What do you think is most important in sustaining good health?

9. What personality or character trait do you admire most in others? In yourself?

10. How would you define a rewarding life?

11. Of all the things you’ve done or accomplished in your life, what has given you the deepest sense of fulfillment?

12. Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

13. What spiritual values would you like the people around you to know you feel strongest about?

14. Do you have a list of things you’ve always wanted to do or accomplish in your lifetime? If so, what are the top 5 things you would like to do or accomplish before you die?

15. Are there any specific life lessons that you want to ensure that your loved ones learn from you?

16. Is there a specific period of your life that you would like to live over again? If so, why? What would you change?

17. Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt the most clarity of purpose? When? Why?

18. If you knew you had 3 months left to live but had no physical or mental limitations during that time, what would you do with the time you had left?

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