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Your estate is made up of everything you own, which includes your personal possessions as well as your home, a car, bank accounts, insurance, furniture and more. But your wealth is much more than just your financial assets. It includes your purposes, passions, family values, memories and stories that make up your personal legacy. 

Around 1900, Will Allen Dromgoole wrote a famous poem called “
The Bridge Builder” that captured the true essence of leaving a legacy. The poem is about an old man traveler who crosses a steep canyon with a torrent running through it, and once he crosses, he stops his journey to build a bridge. A passer-byer questions the old man about why he would build a bridge when he had already crossed the dangerous ravine through great effort. The old man responds that he built the bridge for a younger generation of travelers who will also have to cross the ravine, and may not have the experience, understanding, or skill to cross safely.

This poem is about unselfishly leaving a legacy for your children and younger generations. The hustle and bustle of life often makes us focus on ourselves instead of what we give back. Lucky for me, many great mentors took time teach me, encourage me, support me, entertain me, indulge me, enlighten me, scare me, scold me, hold me, love me, and so on. Each made me better by passing down their knowledge and values—along with the experiences and trials that helped develop that knowledge and shape those values.

At WATSON LEGAL, P.C. we believe the most important part of leaving a legacy are those values, experiences, and stories about life. Although most attorneys ignore these aspects,  we believe memorializing your legacy is the most important piece to your estate plan. Too many attorneys focus only on a family’s financial assets, but your legacy is much more than your tangible property. That’s why we believe your estate plan should incorporate more than just a binder of legal documents. We have made it a point to incorporate legacy planning into all of our plans.

Basically, we provide a wide range of services that ensures you transition not only your financial wealth after you are gone, but your even more valuable wealth - who you are and what's important to you. It is this that your family will most treasure for generations well after the money has dissipated. Our services make all forms of communication available, such as letters, individual recordings, and family videos. We help with uncovering genealogy, planning funeral arrangements, and storing and updating information.     

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