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Family Wealth Legacy Interview Questionnaire:

My Special Needs Child

1. Tell me about your special needs child. What do you admire most about them?

2. What are your special needs child’s strengths?

3. Which of their accomplishments are you proudest of?

4. How did you feel when you were first blessed with this child?

5. What is most important about your relationship with them?

6. How has being the parent of a special needs child changed your belief or understanding of special needs children?

7. What do you think is the most common misconception about special needs children?

8. If you could share something with others about your child that might help them better understand not only your child’s needs but the needs of special needs children in general, what would it be?

9. Do you have a code or some specific belief system that you have tried to follow in raising your child?

10. Have you designated anyone as a guardian for your child in the event that something happens to you? Have you discussed the designation with them? How did you choose this particular person?

11. Do you have any specific advice for them to follow in caring for your child?

12. Aside from the person you have designated as a guardian for your child, are there others you want to make sure continue to be involved with your child?

13. Are there any health concerns or medical issues that your child’s guardian needs to be aware of and plan for?

14. Do you have a preference of religious or spiritual tradition that you want your child to be raised in?

15. Does your child attend formal school classes? What grade are they in?

16. Are there any educational opportunities that you want to ensure your child is offered?

17. How do you feel about the distribution of any monetary assets you leave for your child? Do you want them to be made available for whatever your child wants or would you prefer that specific needs are met before discretionary funds are used? Do you feel it necessary to establish specific guidelines for how the funds you leave for your child are spent?

18. Do you have a personal philosophy about money that you want instilled in your child?

19. If you could have one wish granted for your child’s future, what would it be?

20. How do you want your child to remember you? What do you want the people around your child to tell them about you, how you lived your life, and how you felt about them?