Benton Ross Watson, Attorney.  

Benton Watson is the founder of Watson Legal, P.C. Benton's practice at Watson Legal, P.C. focuses on business, family, and trusts and estates with emphases on life-long personalized service to families and entrepreneurs, representation of high level executives, and corporate representation of traditional businesses, law firms, small to medium sized start-ups, as well as high-tech, industrial, and midstream companies.

After graduating cum laude from South Texas College of Law in May of 2013, Benton moved back to his hometown of Cameron to open up a general law practice, and help run his family's agriculture and livestock business. Benton made his name as a trial attorney and litigator in many legal areas--from business, commercial, and family law disputes to personal injury, probate, real estate, and criminal law cases--as well as an appellate lawyer, and asset and judgment recovery artist.​ 
Benton is admitted to practice in the state of Texas and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, and has served clients in the Federal Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas, Texas Appellate Courts, and State Office of Administrative Hearings for various administrative law issues. Benton is licensed by the New Law Business Model as a Family Business Lawyer, is a member of the Family Wealth Planning Institute and Wealth Counsel, and belongs to multiple sections of the State Bar of Texas serving commercial, technological, and estate planning interests. Benton's extensive experience resolving business disputes includes complaints involving securities fraud, FINRA and SEC violations, agricultural and agistment agreements, speculative commodities hedging by national brokerage firms, international aviation claims, warranty and licensing rights, construction defects, shareholder and business interests, and automotive-mechanics in commercial transport arrangements. Benton's background in family and probate law includes guardianship and heirship proceedings, will contests, trust and estate administration, CPS claims, actions under multi-jurisdictional compacts like the UCCJEA, termination and adoption suits, and divorce and child custody cases.  

Although Benton still performs trial and litigation work on behalf of some clients, he concentrates on serving clients in a more personalized and comprehensive way that's actually built to prevent them from going to court. Benton observed the hardships clients experience from litigation even when victorious, and recognized the unreasonable burdens caused from over-codification, regulatory proliferation, underserved and poorly served legal markets, and abandonment of traditional social and family values. Benton has since dedicated himself to helping families and businesses build lasting legacies through on-going personalized support and systems designed to minimize legal and financial risks, and cultivate continual overall growth. As a business owner with a strong, yet unique, family background, Benton understands business owners and family oriented folks. As a litigator and appellate lawyer, Benton is also able to foresee a bad situation before it's too late, but just bold enough to seek fortune's favor when the opportunity presents itself.

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Lauren Eichinger, The Brainiac.  

Whether it's mathematics, pharmaceuticals, computer networking, life hacks, or pure social palaver, this gal definitely has a promising skill-set unlike any other. While Lauren's assistance at Watson Legal, P.C. is almost wholly voluntary, she has proven to be a real asset at crunch time, and we simply cannot thank her enough.

And, if you're one of our Houston clients, don't be surprised to see her in action, either soaking it all in on the social scene, or blazing trails in the arenas of science and industry.       

Tami Bounds, Client Services Director.  

With close to 25 years of service in the legal profession as a paralegal, assistant, and secretary, Tami plays a crucial role in the day to day operations of Watson Legal, P.C. Tami has experience working in all sectors of the law, including commercial, real property, personal injury, criminal, family, and elder law. Whether it's litigation support, document drafting, or customer service, Tami's knowledge, efficiency, common sense, and good nature all make her one of the best in the business.        


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Diana Watson Hearne, Social Director. 

If you ever hear an infectiously bubbly, spunky voice on the other end of the line, it's probably this wonderful lady. Although labeled "Social Director," Diana is so much more than that. She is the team cheerleader, motivator, and fashionista, and as bearer of bling, she is definitely Watson Legal, P.C.'s leading expert in client attraction.