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Family Wealth Legacy Interview Questionnaire:

The Care of My Pets

1. How old were you when you had your first pet? What kind of pet did you have?

2. Which pets do you remember the most?

3. Where did you get your pets?

4. What do you remember most about them? What is your happiest memory about your pet(s)?

5. What do you see as the most difficult thing about owning a pet?

6. What are some of your favorite stories about any of your pets?

7. Do you think pets improve a person’s quality of life?

8. Were pets an important part of your family life as a child?

9. Was a love of animals something that you learned as a child?

10. Do you think animals help people? If so, how?

11. Do you participate in any activities or organizations to help other people get more enjoyment from their pets?

12. Is pet ownership an important part of your life?

13. Have you made legal or financial arrangements for the care of your pets if something happens to you?

14. Have you chosen a primary caregiver for your pets? Do they know you have chosen them to take care of your pets? Are there any other people you want to make sure remain involved with your pets after you are gone?

15. What do you consider the ideal pet/person relationship?

16. If you could give pet owners any advice, what would it be?

17. What worries you most about how people care (or don’t care) for their pets?

18. If you had the financial resources to solve one problem regarding animals, what would it be?

19. Are you involved with any organizations that have impacted how you interact with your pets?

20. Do you have any plans to financially support animal related charities? If so, how did you choose these specific organizations or causes? What do you want your money to accomplish? What is your greatest fear about how your money will be used?

21. How do you want your chosen causes or charities to view you when they receive the funds?

22. Do you hope that your gift will inspire others? Do you want your gift to be publicly recognized?