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Family Wealth Legacy Interview Questionnaire:

What About The Kids?

1. Tell me a little about your children. What are their names? If you had to pick one word to describe each of them, what would it be? Why?

2. What do you see as each child’s greatest strength or gift?

3. What has been your proudest moment with each child?

4. Your values and lessons in life are as important a part of your family heritage as monetary assets. What are the most important non-material assets you want to pass on to your children?

5. Which values and principles do you think will help your children live happy and fulfilling lives?

6. If, by some misfortune, you did not live to see your children reach adulthood, who would you want to be their legal guardian? Why did you choose this person?

7. If you could distill all your words of wisdom down to a single theme, what would you want your children’s guardian to pass on to them in your absence?

8. While you can only choose one individual as a guardian for your children, I know there are many people in your life that you would want to stay in touch with them as they grow. Who are these people? Why do you want them to remain involved in your children’s lives?

9. Do your children have any health issues that their guardian should be aware of? Are you aware of any possible genetic medical conditions that could affect your children?

10. Does your family have a specific religious or spiritual tradition that you want your children to be raised in? Do you have strong spiritual or faith based beliefs that you want to ensure are passed on to your children?

11. How much emphasis does your family place on education? How do you feel about classroom teaching vs. world experience? Are there specific educational opportunities (i.e. possible exchange student or overseas education opportunities) that you want to make sure your children have the option of?

12. How do you feel about the distribution of any monetary assets you leave for your children? Do you want them to be made available for whatever your children want or would you prefer that specific needs are met before discretionary funds are used? Do you feel it necessary to establish specific guidelines for how the funds you leave for your children are spent?

13. Do you have a personal philosophy about money that you want instilled in your children?

14. Do you have family traditions or special activities that you would like to ensure that your children carry on?

15. How do you want your children to remember you? If there was one thing you could tell your children on their 21st birthday, what would it be?