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Schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session Today. I “guarantee” that you will, at a minimum, gain a better perspective about the current state of your personal and business affairs, learn more about the government’s interest in those affairs, pinpoint your ultimate business and personal goals and overall objectives, and identify options available to BOTH protect and MAXIMIZE what you’ve already built. Together, we will also be able to uncover fundamental aspects of business and estate planning applicable to your situation, identify important organizational practices, and gather key information needed to preserve and continue building your family legacy.​ As a member of the Family Wealth Institute and Wealth Counsel, I am confident that I have the necessary and most up-to-date resources and training to fulfill your estate and business planning needs, but even if I don’t, my memberships provide me access to other benefits and a nationwide network of specialists who are experts in their fields with proven track records. And, because of your family’s business endeavors, we’d also discuss the Money Map and LIFT programs to help explore business potential and Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax solutions.